I like the idea of having an about page, but in reality, how do I, within a few short sentences describe what I’m all about.  Does one just simply give the highlights, like a news reel ?  I think instead, I’ll let the blog speak for itself.  I know that the picture you will form in your mind’s eye will be far more descriptive and creative than anything that I can put into words  on this page.   Instead, I would prefer that you use your imagination, your creativity and and the awesome power of what sits between your ears to formulate your own ideas.  Ideas about me, or about you, or about how you can make this world a better place.   I’ll give you some ideas, and some of my opinions, but I really encourage you to go make up your own mind on these things.  I’m ok if you disagree with my ideas, just come up with something for yourself and be dedicated to it.

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