Observations, stories and lessons.

“… This is the captain, from the flight deck, we have started our initial decent out of 36,000 feet…”

I’ve heard this line coutless times. It’s one of the things that I very much appreciate. It means that I only have to endure a short 30-40 minutes of being on a dry plane. It also means I’m either returning home or it means that I need to bring my ‘A’ game and get working.

Regardless of the meaning, it’s usually a good feeling because I’ve reached my destination. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate traveling, I just find that most flights are plenty long enough.

I’ve become pretty good at spotting the signs of the start of the decent. Usually there is a different sound in the engines a good couple of minutes prior to the start. One thing that I always find interesting is the activity in the cabin of the plane once the seatbelt sign goes off. Seriously, watching the dynamics of how people interact with each other, and the uncommon cramped quarters of the airplane cabin is very interesting to me. I pretty much get to witness it every week. Not to mention with my job, I get to witness others interacting as well, this is a daily occurrence. With that said you’d think that I’d be pretty good at spotting the signs that people display, like how I can spot the start of the decent. But oddly enough, I suck at it. Seriously, I do. I really know very few people that are good at it. If you are one of those, then please speak up. I could use some serious help in this category.

I think that the majority of my problem lies not with others but with me. See, I like to see the good in people, I like to try to help out where/when I can. I do it time and time again, and usually with the net result of me being disappointed. So I guess I should start to ask myself. Why do I do it. Why do I unconditionally give with the hope that it will make a difference or that my actions will not be used negatively. To be honest I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I think that others are inherently good, or that they wont take advantage of the situation. Yes, I know. Call it naïve . But unfortunately its the way I’m wired. Wired in the hopes that maybe just one out of the many will actually appreciate it. And then it happens, one does. And it reaffirms my belief in this world that life is good and that the world is a good place.

Maybe you are thinking that this is not your style. I’m not criticizing you for not being like me. I’m not saying that you are right or wrong. You are your own person and you are completely free to make your own decisions and make your own way in this world. I’m not asking for you to change me, either. I’ve grown up on my own, and I’ve learned the lessons I’ve had to learn because I needed to. I equate it to a line I continually hear in my yoga class. “if this is the pose you hate or find the most uncomfortable, then it’s likely the one you need the most.”. The lessons in life I’ve learned are likely the ones I desperately needed the most. Maybe at the time I heard the lesson, I may not have known this is the lesson that would change my life, or radically change the way I think about things or how I treat people. In some cases it’s taken a number of years for the lesson to mature, case and point (Priorities). Other lessons I was able to figure out right away that this is something very valuable (Go more, See more). Regardless, I like to think that every day I’m learning at least a little something. Or even better yet, I’m the person that is able to give someone else a lesson or pass down a story that will change a person, like the way some of the lessons have changed me. I’m not saying that my lessons or stories are ones that you should take to heart or change your life. When I talk about the things I’ve learned I only do so, because I like to share the idea(l) that looking at something a little differently may just give you a new outlook, and maybe this new outlook is a result of some lesson that someone else has learned. A lesson that you could benefit from. Maybe it’ll happen maybe it won’t. I don’t have a crystal ball on these things…

So where am I going with this ? I think that as you make your way through your life, that you should be watching out for those lessons that are all around you. I’ve come to the realization that everyone has a story. So, What is your story ? Is it something that you want to share ? Is it something that you think that others would benefit from ? How did you learn from this and are you still trying to learn from it ? Have you shared this story with others or have you kept it to yourself?

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