Taking the Long View

Are you going to live forever ? 

I think we all know the answer to that question.  Although through advances in science, medicine and nutrition, we are likely to live longer than our grandparents, and certainly their grandparents. 

I recently read an article that suggested you should live life you are immortal.  At first I was a bit astounded by the article.  As I read I started to understand the point that was being made.  The article identified that when you live like you are immortal then you focus on the long game.  You become less concerned about the immediate future as you will have a long period to obtain your goals.  When you have the YOLO approach, you don’t take the long view approach.  Unless you can see immediate gratification, then there is no sense in investing in it.  What is typical about YOLO is it tends to permeate the thought processes for your actions.  Like I’m going to take that trip next month, or buy that X <and insert your rationale for purchase justification>. 

When I started to think further about this, there is more to this that what I originally thought.  I look simply to investing for retirement.  You can try to play the short game here, you may defy the odds and make your fortune, but more than likely you will likely not be successful unless you are either really lucky, or you are highly skilled to know and understand how the market works.  If you are thinking about your retirement goals, then it’s likely you took the long view approach. 

I have to admit, that reading this made me really think.  I’m definitely not the true YOLO type.  Although I do firmly believe in Carpe Diem.  In my mind these are different.  How you may ask?   I associate the YOLO type as needing immediate gratification, whereas, I view Carpe Diem as more of a be responsible for your actions, but definitely make sure that you get out there.  Make the most of the day, whatever may be in store for that day. 

See, when you take the long view approach, you tend to not rush into things.  You look at how things can benefit you over a longer period of time.  You might look to things like relationships with others.  Since others will have a long period to work on things, you can take time to respect what others are doing, looking for merit in their ideas and ideals.  In a matter of speaking you have time to truly build something, you have time to learn from your mistakes, and you have time to work on you, and the best you can be. 

Regardless of how you wish to live, either in a rush or by taking a long view, the choice is really up to you.  I have to admit prior to reading about this… I don’t exactly know how I was living, maybe it was a confusing mix of both.  I think I now have a more categorical approach to certain aspects of my live. 

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