…turn breezes into rivulets

For some who know me, I travel quite a bit for my work. Also, I’m not a big watcher of TV programs.  However,  while on the plane I like to watch some of the movies and shows on the in-flight entertainment systems.   I think it gives me a chance to decompress from my hectic work schedule, and to relax for a little while, and (hopefully) think of things that are not work related.

On one of my flights home I came across this movie, well actually documentary (or more appropriately a rock-umentary) about a Canadian rock band called the Tragically Hip (or The Hip for short).  The documentary (Long Time Running) was about the band’s final concert series and the cross Canada tour.  I won’t provide any more details, just to say that if you are a fan of the band, music, or just wanted to find out more about what these 5 guys are all about… then definitely check it out.

While watching the movie I caught this little snippet of a phrase from one of  The Hip’s songs.  The imagery of this single phrase I think really encapsulates not only the band but what most of us work hard to do.  And work hard at all our lives to do.

“Walk like a matador, don’t be chicken shit.  And turn breezes into rivulets”

The movie primarily interviews the band members and they identify from where they started from and the challenges that they faced.  Not unlike the challenges that we all face. Basically what led them to the point of their last concert tour.

I think when you look at what these five guys started from and work they put into their craft, and the perseverance they had.  I think it’s like most of us. We start off our lives, careers, relationships, etc, fill in the blank, and as we work it, and apply what we think is the best, our knowledge and our experiences, those breezes eventually turn into rivulets and then into flowing streams.  The little droplets of experience eventually turn into rivulets, that turn into stream, and will be a flow of a river.  You become good at what you do, essentially.

The other part of that line was “Walk like a Matador, don’t be chicken shit… “.   Be proud of who you are.  Walk proudly !  Take pride in who you are and what you’ve done.   Don’t worry if you are still learning, don’t diminish your abilities or capabilities.  Some day soon, you will not only see something more substantial than breezes, you’ll see rivulets and eventually streams and potentially rivers.  Could you fail along the way, probably, but the experience and the stories come from those failures and how you pick yourself up and Walk like a Matador !


If you are curious about the song, it’s called Flamenco


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