What’s your Story ?

Airport560Look around… how many people do you see on a daily basis ?  Head out into a public area  Take a look… what do you see?

What you’ll see is entirely dependent on what you are looking for.  It’ll also depend on what you are good at.  If you sell clothing, then likely you’ll look and see what size pants they wear, or if you are into eye glasses then you’ll notice the glasses that people wear.

Me?  I’m a Management Consultant.  I know, it sounds pretty nerdy… but… I work on projects, I’m used to following methods for implementing computer systems.  When I look around I see processes.  I see the way things are done and I look at ways to streamline. I look at the interactions of people and look at ways to improve those.  I listen to people and I listen for the message and the way that message is conveyed.  Again I look to ways that message can be better conveyed.  I’ve been in my profession for a number of years, and even though when I’m vacation I try to forget about my job.  I cannot forget the way I’ve been accustomed to thinking for my entire working life.

johanna-kickUltimately, you see the world around you based on the things that interest you.

For some reason, I see quite a bit.  I think that’s because I’m predisposed to being observant. And at times I’ve been called quiet.  When in fact I’m lost in thought and left wondering.  As part of being observant I sometimes find it a bit of a curse as I seem to find some oddities out there.  Things that not everyone else will witness or even take notice of.  If you want to know what it’s like in my world just stop and take a look around.  There are oddities all over the place.  You just need to really look for them.  But I guess the question really is.  Are they oddities ?  Or is it just that someone has a story.  They are living their life, their story as you will.

I’ve written about this topic before and often wondered what kind of story people have to tell.  What is it that has led someone to this point.  Their experiences, and their events that have shaped who they are.  And trust me when I say this, the people and stories will have an impact to you and shape who you are, and who you will become.

I can clearly articulate the events in my life that have led to where I am.  There have been a number of individuals that impacted the way I think.  The stories that others have told me that have fundamentally changed the way I think (ie: Go More, See More and Priorities).

I think that ultimately it comes down to your story.  What is your story ?

If someone said to you, write your memoirs.  What would those memoirs contain. Is it the kind of story that you would be proud to share with others.  Do you think you have a lesson that others can benefit from.  Is there a legacy in what you’ve crafted ?  What story will you be remembered by ?

Something to ponder… now go out there and craft a story you can be proud of.


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