What matters.

So I was watching a TED speech and the question posed was, “why do you matter?”

So why do you think you matter ? Because your parents love you?  Well Ok…4943667260_7174367752_a8b1e49230_m_xlarge

Well let me give you some insight. One of my yoga instructors very eloquently said during class. She indicated that couldn’t imagine that her sons would or should have negative thoughts in their heads. She loves her sons so unconditionally, that she doesn’t want to see anything harm them. Her sons matter that much to her. And she carried the point further to say that she felt that we all (all the students in her class) should avoid the negative and realize that they are very important to not only her but to a larger circle of others.  We all matter, and we matter right now.

Don’t believe me ?  Let me ask you a question.  What have you done where you have had a fundamental impact on someone else’s life ?

What piece of advice, what story or lesson have you conveyed, or even what type of friend have you been ?  I’m talking about being the type of person who has said or done something to help a friend out.  Even if it’s helping them to their feet after they’ve fallen down because they are drunk.  Can’t think of anything… try harder.  Still having a hard time thinking of something.  I can probably tell you why.  It’s because you have either forgotten about something that you have done, thought that it was unworthy of remembering,  or someone hasn’t told you about what you have done.  I’m not saying that you had to move a mountain to make an impact.  Even the small things that you do have impact.  Try think to the last time that someone, some complete stranger has extended a kind hand to you.  Offered to buy you a coffee, paid for something, or something even as simple as holding the door open.  Small things matter.  Don’t believe me, then read what Michelle Lam is doing.  Think what she is doing is small ?  It’s not.  Trust me, if you are the recipient of one of her gifts… you won’t think it’s small at all.  And just like that, she has had an impact on you !  Maybe you should pay it forward.   Even if you weren’t the recipient of one of her gifts, I’m betting if you think about it hard enough you will realize that those small gifts are out there all the time.  In fact I’m betting those small gifts are extended to you every single day.  You just need to be observant to them.  While you are at it, make sure that the person that did even one small kind gesture to you, realizes what they did and how appreciative you are of that.

Ok, so enough about the things you do.

I was once shown an example.  Picture if you will a set of scales, a tray on one side, and a scalestray on the other.  Someone once said to me, Think of all the good things in your life, no matter how small… now think of the bad things.  Now, let’s take that scale.  The good things are only worth a penny.  The bad things are a dollar coin.  If you have equal amounts of good things and bad things, then the scales will be tipped to the negative side.  So what do you do ?  Start to fill your life with the good things.  Make the good things happen.  Maybe try a random act of kindness.  How does that make you feel ?  Pretty good, Yes ?  Add a penny !  Listen to an inspiring TED talk.  Feel good ?  Good, add another penny. Keep going.  Don’t stop there… if you keep filling your life with good things eventually you have tipped that scale.  Soon, the good far outweighs the bad.

Somewhere along the line as you have been filling your life with good and adding pennies to the scale, you will see that you have made an impact on someone else’s life.  Likely not just one person, but numerous people. And, if you can be the difference in just one person’s life, then you matter !  And the things you do for other’s is the reason why you matter.



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