“Edge of the Bed Advice”

The Phrase in the title of this post comes from a gent named Drew Dudley.  He explains it as:

“If you were sitting on the edge of the bed of your son or daughter the night before they left home for good, what advice would you give them?  What are the most important lessons life has taught you so far?  Ultimately, what perspectives, actions, or ideas have played the biggest role in your happiness? “

It’s an interesting concept, isn’t it?  So… What is the single most important lesson you’ve learned ?

Who did you learn that lesson from and do they understand the profound impact they’ve had on your life because of that lesson ?  Have you told them, and if not, why not ?

Ok, I’ll admit, I’m likely just as guilty as you are for not letting others know of the impact they have had on my life.  However, there are individuals where I’ve learned fantastic lessons from and have told them so.  I think it’s important for those around you to know that.

One of my favourite stories is a lesson I learned from one of my friends.  The story is, Go More, See More.  If you haven’t read this, please do so.  This single story/lesson has dramatically changed the way I look at pretty much everything.  I now have a vigour or zest for going out and trying new things.  I used to think “Why?” now I think “Why Not ?“.  Now, when someone talks to me about trying a new food, I don’t snub my nose at it, I think, I’ll try that !  It could be good, or it could suck… but until I’ve tried it, I won’t know.  “You never know unless you go”, so go try it.   What have you got to lose ?  Why Not ?

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Drew goes on to talk about a concept he has coined as a “Lollipop Moment”.  You can watch his explanation here.  I could try to explain it here, but Drew does a much better job…


The theory is, as he believes that everyone has made a difference in someone else’s life, through their actions/stories/lessons/moments.  It is these moments, whether you realize it or not, that are moments where we are leaders.  He indicates, we have made a profound impact on others, and we haven’t let ourselves take credit for it, because for some unknown reason we think that it really is not that important.  Well guess what ?  It is important !  If you think for a moment that your small contribution is only a drop in the ocean, then what is the ocean but a multitude of drops.  No one drop is any less important than other.

Case and point, I introduced one of my college friends to his wife, at their wedding is where I met my wife.  Don’t think for a second that your actions are inconsequential.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. ” – Marianne Williamson


It is time for us to stop degrading our contribution to this world.  The good that you do for others does not go unnoticed.  If someone else has done something good for you, tell them.  If you have done something for someone else, and they haven’t noticed, then maybe they just weren’t ready for all that goodness to come their way.  Don’t be discouraged, it took me a while to thank those that have provided so much for me.  Sometimes it takes a while for something to sink in.  I beg you to keep trying, because….

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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