People watching

Let’s face it we all do it… We all watch other people. Whether it be on TV or in real life. I watch very little TV so when I hear others talking about this reality show or that other show I hardly have a clue what is going on. However, my people watching is usually done in real life. The thing is, I travel for work. So I get to witness all sorts of folks that travel. I try desperately not to categorize people as I watch. But I find sometimes I find I just can’t help myself from doing that. For me it’s usually not a good thing if I categorize as this usually means that the person has really stuck out. at this point it’s difficult not to judge. This is something I’m try to not do anymore.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I find it fascinating to watch the interactions between people, but I lack the fundamental knowledge or training on how to classify/understand the interaction. Regardless I still find it fascinating to watch.

So let me ask you this… When. You watch people what are you looking for ?

Are you looking at their physical appearance ? Are you watching what they are doing ?
Does their voice stand out amongst the crowd ? What is it that makes you first notice them ?

So today, I happen to be sitting at the food court in SFO. For those of you that don’t travel, SFO would be San Francisco International Airport. There is certainly a large selection of people to watch @ SFO. I’m not looking at anyone person in particular. I’m kind of looking at everyone within range. Then thoughts start going through my head as I look around. “what’s their story ?” “What life experience have they had?”. “Are they as normal as they appear, or do they have some dark secret, and if so, what would that secret be ?”. I’m sure that you could make all sorts of stories. Maybe this is what famous authors do… They go hang out in airports to get inspiration for their next book and batch of characters. Ok, so that’s a far fetched idea. Regardless I know that everyone has a story, secrets, aspirations, pleasures, well you get the idea. I found myself looking at all these hundreds of folks going thru the airport and it left me wondering. What is going on in their heads… What are they thinking about?

In the airport, most of the people are solo travelers. So most are just like me. Waiting to go home and are probably thinking about the work that they just finished. There are the odd set of couples and rarely there is a group. Since there is an abundance of solo travelers, are they simply being zombies and going thru the motions? Or are they focusing on the bigger picture, and what is that bigger picture for them? When you travel, what are you thinking? I have a wide variety of thoughts. In fact there is a reason why I have several photos of clouds. Photos of clouds, looking down at them not looking up. It’s because I like to look out the window and think. Anyways that’s another topic for another day….

The one thing I do enjoy watching is the interactions. It’s not like I really care what they are conversing about, I like to see the emotions in the conversation. What do you see ? Or do you prefer listening ?

So when you watch people what is it that you are looking for? Just remember you are being watched too. Maybe by someone like me… Someone who is thinking “What’s their story?”. So what is your story ?

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