As we start a new year, it only seems fitting to talk about resolutions.  What is a resolution really ?  In my opinion, it’s just a way of saying that you are determined to do something.  Noble intentions for sure, but in the real world the intentions will likely get lost once something else comes along (ie: you get busy, life gets in the way, etc.) Then, all of a sudden, say in September, you’ll be thinking… “Ya, I made this resolution…”  Don’t worry.  In September it’ll be a fleeting thought, and by December you’ll be onto a new resolution.  Why do you think Gym/Fitness memberships spike in January and then by March/April there are huge sales on memberships ?  Yes, it’s like we are pre-programmed to be this way.

walk-in-the-snowThe one thing a resolution lacks is conviction, or a goal.  You need to drive towards something.  It’s great to say I want to lose weight for summer, but what are you going to do to obtain that goal ?  How are you going to execute it ?  Are you going to go for a walk every day to start the exercise ? or What.

I’m no motivational speaker, nor am I going to profess to know all aspects of human behaviour.  I can only recite what works for me.  I’m a creature of habit, or routine.  So, if I’m going to commit to doing something, then it has to be part of my routine, or something I need to incorporate into my routine.  For me it’s easy to say, that I’m going to run more often and further distances.  However, having a goal to work towards and putting it as part of my routine will ensure that I actually do it.  I’m betting you are the same way.

I get a chance to work and be associated with some pretty incredible people.  Take for example one of my cousins, who had a weight issue.  I didn’t realize she had a weight  issue.  However, she set a goal to lose weight, she had a means to execute it, and went out and did it.  The secret to her success, a 6km walk every day, along with eating less, and healthier foods.  The result, a loss of 100 pounds so far. Needless to say she is pretty stoked about the results. Here is her story.

I was recently privy to another friend who wants to set up her business.  She has performed a number of different job functions over the years, from project manager, to change management lead, to change adviser for corporations.  But recently she saw that her passion was for helping others with their career planning and providing them assistance to establishing themselves.  She herself has a coach that is helping her get her ideas rolling.

Or if you want a shining example of resolve.  This is a fantastic example, a friend’s husband has decided to write a Million words.  He is doing it in increments, 1000 words for 1000 days.   He calls it crazy, I think he may be partially right, but you have to admire the commitment there.

So why is any of this important to you ?  Well let me ask you this, do you wait until January 1st to make a resolution, or do you make goals throughout the year ?  I’m not saying that only making goals once a year is wrong. This just isn’t the way I work.  I like to make goals as I think they are relevant to my life at the time.  Then determining how to implement those goals into my schedule/routine is the next challenge.   No one said that making a change would be easy.  Just ask me about the 18 weeks of training I did in order to run  my first ever race and first ever marathon.  Finish Line

So what are you going to resolve to do this year ?



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