Those roses smell damn fine !

Do you ever stop and smell the roses ?

Ya, I know the old saying, and the message behind the saying is, do you take time out to take notice of the nicer things in life ?

I get, that with our busy lives and the constant draw upon our time to do this or that, or the pressures at work, or whatever it is that occupies you.  There is scant a minute to take thru the day.  At the end of the day, you fall into bed, exhausted, your head hits the pillow and you are immediately in slumber land.  Only to  repeat everything the next day.

Many years ago, it was suggested I read this one book.  The book is called “The Wealthy Barber”.  Ever heard of it ?  David Chilton is the author.  It’s a light read, and can be finished fairly quickly depending on your reading speed.  The book’s main character is a (wait for it…)  Barber.  Huge surprise there… but basically the barber extols lessons on how to become wealthy regardless of what profession you have.  The primary lesson in the book is “Pay yourself first”.  So what does that mean “Pay yourself first” ?  It’s really very simple, when you get your pay cheque, before paying your bills, pay into your savings first.  Your savings can be for anything you want.  The book doesn’t suggest this, but I took that away from it.  The book suggests that you pay into your savings/retirement fund first.  Then that way you have forced yourself to pay for your future.  Now don’t get me wrong, I think this is a great idea.  And you should definitely plan for your future/retirement.  There are a number of other very good points in the book, from how to get yourself out of debt, to how to basically be fiscally/financially responsible.  All in all a very good read and some very valuable points.

Ok, so you’re probably thinking, What does that have to do with stopping to smell the roses.  Simple.  Take the concept of paying yourself first.  Now, instead of applying it to your financial situation, you apply it to your time.  Seriously !  There are 24 hours in a day.  Given the fact that we need anywhere between 6 & 9 hours of sleep, that leaves you with 15-18 hours.  If it’s a week day, you are off to work for say 8 of those hours, plus the time to commute say 1-2 hours, plus getting ready in the morning – say 30 mins to 1 hour.  Now add in the time for getting meals (either cooking/preparing them yourself, or eating out), and you are down to a meagerly 3-5 hours.  Now what you have to do in that remaining time of the day is likely run errands, if you have kids, spend time with them or getting them to their various events… and you are now down to likely a few mins here or there.

What I’m thinking is that we need a fresh perspective.  So take the concept of Pay yourself First.  Apply it to the time you have in the day.  Yes, even a weekday.  Does this mean you still have to go to work ? Unfortunately, yes.  However, If you could parcel out an hour of your day, where you could do what you wanted that would help you smell the roses, what would it be ?  Yes, you only get one hour.  Just like in the Wealthy Barber, you could only pay yourself first a certain percentage.  The time you allocate to you is also only a percentage of your day.  So what would you choose to enrich your life ?  The activity has to be enriching to you… so doing laundry, cleaning the house or sleeping don’t count as activities.

Ok, time to use your imagination… you remember what that is ?  If you are having trouble remembering how to use it… Then maybe your first activity should be going out and staring up at the clouds and looking for shapes.  Maybe an Elephant ? or a Duck?

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